Gettin’ S.P.A.C.E.d

April 27, 2010

By Brad

I guess 2 days is enough time to reminisce before I write a blog about our first con Experience! We were pretty much bagging and boarding our comics up until we shoved them in the car to leave. All the way to Columbus, Brian talked about how we were sure to be rich and famous by the end of the weekend!Actually we were crying and hugging because we thought everyone would hate us. . . but lies make things more interesting!!

Once we got settled into our sleazy motel, we met up w/ Jake and went to go eat @ The Pub with Naomi and Matt from Thrill Vulture Tattoos! I wrote a blog about our experience there but I fear that if I posted it; most people would think I’m hateful and intolerant of acoustic guitars. . . so I may post it later. Dinner was expensive and tasty. I wish I could’ve had a decent conversation with everyone that was sitting 3 feet away, but the asshole with the guitar wouldn’t quit his stupid butchery of other people’s songs. Even the waitresses with the shooooooooort plaid skirts had trouble making me smile.

But anyway, back to comics . . . we awoke at the ass-crack of dawn th next morning and packed up everything we had into the car and headed across the street to the Ramada where SPACE con was going to get started soon and we would be spending the night. Because of our paranoia and our inability  to check in before noon, we had to put all  our crap under the table. . . it was a lot of shit.

Our neighbors to the left were awesome (Rob, Kate, and Josh.) they were much easier to talk to than our other neighbor who had a table full of porn comics . . . nice! But strangely enough he got more attention than we did. We didn’t really do shit for sales but we met some awesome people like Nikola Jajic and Michael Czerniawski, 2 of the creators of THE BIG BAD BOOK! Brian talked to them more than I did (not uncommon), they both seemed to really like the book and both took the time to come back over with words of advice and praise. This meant even more to me after reading their laugh-riot of a book! Go buy! It’s on Amazon too, if you wanna use your free shipping perks, you wanker!

Of course we would have felt like strangers in a strange land if it weren’t for our buds in Ringtail Cafe! I can’t thank Darren, Jackie and Krista enough for their continuous friendship and support. Go to, I’m waiting for more Confectionaries and I’m about as burly as men are allowed to get without dragging their knuckles!

P.S. Brant, I’m not an asshole, just aloof. Now when’s our interview and am I allowed to cuss?

Off track again. Between the ADD, Dyslexia, and Alcohol it’s a wonder I ever get anything done. Speaking of not getting anything done I had a good chat with the amazingly talented Mark Bloodworth about balancing a day job and doing kick-ass art. He’s good at both and appeared to actually enjoy his day job, though. . . Another awesome artist I was surprised to see there was Guy Davis artist of BPRD and creator The Marquis. Of course both of these guys were on the ONE FUCKING PANEL I REALLY WANTED TO SEE AND MISSED! fml! It was the horror comic discussion panel and I fucking missed it . . .

Lora Innes . . . she’s hard to recognize from her Twitter picture, I thought Kari Byron from Mythbusters was tooling around a comic con. I attended the webcomic panel she emceed, don’t think I’d ever do a webcomic, but I do think I have a lil’ geek-crush on the lovely and talented creator of  The Dreamer. Brian gave her a sketch of Alan from the book and a copy of our comic in hopes she would read, enjoy, and critique it. I stood by silently and think I waved. I hope she likes the book . . .

As things wrapped up I thought about how next year we should have 2 volumes of UberBlud to unleash on the unsuspecting masses. I don’t know how it will be received; will it be too professional for indy-geeks? Too violent for tender-foots? Too hilarious for assholes? Or will our table be in between our Ringtail Cafe friends and the Dreamer in 2 years? Guess that’s up to us; there’s an ass for every seat, we just gotta build them.

Be good and stay tuned,



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